Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Bureau of Farmland Preservation

The PA Department of Agriculture plays an important role in the individual county's ability to preserve farmland.  In fact, Pennsylvania leads the nation in farmland protection activities!

Annually the PDA Bureau of Farmland Preservation through the PA State Farmland Preservation Board provides funding to Pennsylvania counties for use in the purchase of Conservation Easements.  The State Board then approves the use of those funds through the submission of farms for easement consideration at public meetings held throughout the year.

Current and most recent State Board Activites can be seen below:

2019 Spending Allocation

August 2019 Easement Purchase Summary

Historical Data for Information Purposes:

2018 Spending Allocation

2017 Spending Allocation

Revised 2016 Spending Allocation

2016 Spending Allocation

2015 Spending Allocation

2014 Spending Allocation

2013 Spending Allocation

2012 Spending Allocation

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